August Catch Up- Part II

August Catch Up- Part II

Google purchased Motorola.

Whilst on the one hand Google is battling Facebook for Social Media influence, on the other it is battling Apple with the iPhone vs. Android struggle. This recent purchase,,   along with recent reports over the dominance of Android devices in the smart phone market,, may bring great hope to Google and its ´fans.´

Others are not so sure about the purchase:

Conversely other reports have made comment on the fact that although Google has higher market share, Apple is more successfully bringing in the revenue and the profit… Further bad news for Google in this battle versus Apple comes in the form of computer sales, as Apple´s computer sales increase so does its growth potential in general and the amount of resources they will make available to developing competitive products and services:

Android versus Apple

Android versus Apple

Finally, to twist the knife, in late August Apple surpassed Exxon Mobil as the most valuable company Whilst at the close of the day Exxon had taken back its place on top, Apple is really emerging as a leading company internationally.

Other depressing and perhaps somewhat surprising reports  have discussed Apple´s enormous revenue in different terms, comparing it to the US Treasury operating cash balance and emerging victorious:


The new European Cookies Law

As you probably know, changes to the E-Privacy Directive (E-Privacy Regulations in the UK were due to be implemented into national law (by EU Member States) by June. As most countries continue to drag their feet about it, it is worth watching the more advanced developments the UK market is going through.

Following the Information Commissioner’s Office guidelines as to how to make websites compliant (and the example displayed on ICO’s own website), John Harrison has written an interesting post: Should you follow ignore or ignore the ICO over new cookie privacy regulations? . Similar opinions have been heard throughout the market and both the number and weight of these opinions are starting to bring great doubt about whether a strict interpretation of the recent changes is even feasible and will become unenforceable. Quite simply the disconnection between the technical idea and the business reality is too strong.

…to be continued in “August Catch Up- Part 3″

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